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Erin Mitchell, M.Ed.


Why did you choose this college?  It was a question I found myself asking repeatedly as I advised students living on campus.  For four years I counseled freshman through seniors at UC San Diego (Revelle College) and then UC Santa Cruz (Crown College). Though the issues we discussed varied greatly, how well the student “fit” into their college environment came up often.  The answers were never satisfactory: “my parents went here”, “I liked the mascot”, “my best friend came here”, “I thought the UC’s were supposed to be the best”.  These were good reasons to consider a college, but not reason enough to chose a college.


I graduated from University of San Diego with a Masters of Education in Counseling with an emphasis in Higher Education in 1997. It was a vastly different experience from my undergraduate experience at UC San Diego where I graduated with a BA in psychology. After finishing my masters and counseling residents at UCSD and UCSC, I worked in Silicon Valley in staffing, screening resumes and interviewing candidates for the plentiful jobs of the “.com era”.  But as the market crashed, and staffing turned to sales, I kept thinking about those lost college students of mine.  In 2002, with my counseling background and the help of my friend and mentor, Virginia Luthman, I started my education consulting practice in Campbell, California.  Visiting colleges, getting professional training from professional organizations such as the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and the Western Association of College Admissions Counselors, and networking with fellow consulting professionals all added to my success as an educational consultant.  By 2006 I had a thriving full-time practice.


In 2008 my husband received a job offer we couldn’t refuse, so we packed up and moved to San Diego.  Starting a practice from scratch is never easy, but I have been grateful for the gradual process of growing a business as it has allowed me time with my two children and the opportunity to get involved in their schools and activities.  Outside of work life I love to walk with friends or play volleyball with my kids.  However, in my free time, you’ll most often find me helping at a PTA event or running a Girl Scout meeting.  In work or play, I love being  part of the growth and development of students as they figure out their path in life.


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