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Fit for Success...

Finding the right college should go way beyond the question, "Where will I get in?"  While grade point averages and test scores definitely play a large role in narrowing down your search, there are many other factors to consider.  Location. Cost. Size. Major offerings. Ability to change your major. Residential programs. Opportunities available for research, internships, going abroad, gaining employment. And most often overlooked, college culture – what kind of student is attracted to the college?  Will your student feel comfortable on campus and find a way to connect? My job as your Educational Consultant is to understand what your student is looking for in a college experience and what kind of environment would most likely contribute to your student's success.  I will help you narrow down your search so you can focus your research efforts and campus visits on schools with real potential.


A Coach in Your Corner...

The next critical piece of the process is the application itself. The application process can be daunting depending on the number and type of applications being completed.  As a non-biased third party, probably the number one reason families hire me is to keep the peace and reduce stress  – I remind students of deadlines, I set To Do Lists (and address them not being completed), I work closely with students on essays and activity resumes and provide feedback on how to best represent their application strengths.   Ideally this reduces stress in your home, and gives your student a greater sense of ownership over the process.  It also gives you a “go to person”, in addition to your high school counselor, for the many questions that arise throughout the process.

Why Hire a Consultant?

"I am positive that all of your step-by-step guidance, attention to detail, and pressure to not settle for less than the best I could give played a huge role in the success I experienced this spring."


-Haven, student, UCLA class of 2018

"We have used Erin’s services for both of our daughters and her knowledge and insight has been incredibly beneficial. Erin’s one-on-one help with the personal essay statement was invaluable. She enabled my daughters to reveal their own voice while giving constructive and positive advice.
Erin helped us sort through so many colleges and come up with a list that was both realistic and reaching for the stars."


-Tracey,  UC Santa Cruz and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo parent

"I am so excited that I get to look back on this experience and say I had an extremely positive time applying. For others it was complete madness, but thanks to you, I looked forward to our meetings."

-Marisa, Western Washington

Class of 2021

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